Issues Concerning Marquette County

With Mike’s years of experience, he’s been able to recognize problem areas for law enforcement.

Here are the issues that Mike thinks are most important to the incoming sheriff:


Currently, big box stores in Marquette County can receive up to a 40% tax refund following a Michigan Tax Tribunal decision allowing them to creatively count inventory. If the current decision is allowed to stand, government services will have to be cut across the board. For the Sheriff’s Office, this means the possibility of cuts to the road patrol division, corrections division, Search and Rescue/County Rescue 131, and even township contracted police coverage and directed patrols. Mike is working with legislators and local activists to close the loophole for good, this will allow the Sheriff’s Office to not only continue to provide the same level of services but also to expand services such as the road patrol.


The use of methamphetamine is an epidemic in both Marquette County and the State of Michigan. A 2014 report from the Michigan State Police shows Marquette County as the #1 county in the UP for meth labs and among the worst counties in the state of Michigan. Allowing the spectre of meth to continue to menace our citizens is absolutely unacceptable, and Mike wants to change that. As sheriff, Mike will:

  • work to further fund and provide resources to the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team (UPSET), our main tool for meth response and investigation
  • work to build community involvement with the Sheriff’s Office to combat the problem at its roots and hopefully stop future meth labs from developing
  • work with other agencies and legislators to enact common sense laws that benefit the community and fight the meth problem before it starts


Currently Marquette County does not have a 24/7 road patrol from the Sheriff’s Office. (The only county-wide law enforcement presence on during the overnight hours is the State Police.) For the Sheriff’s Office to effectively police the county, a 24 hour road patrol is required. As sheriff, Mike will work to expand road patrol services by closing the dark store tax loophole, utilizing deputies in the corrections division for work that a certified deputy sheriff is not required for, and utilizing administrative staff such as lieutenants and captains to augment the road patrol when needed.